Supporting Your Transition

Our Legionnaires understand what it is to transition from military service to civilian life. However, this transition is varied and experiences of our members range from Vietnam draftees to first-term separators to 30 year retirees and beyond. What all our Legionnaires share is the desire to make transitioning from military service to civilian life easier to bear whether that means finding meaningful employment, ensuring your family has what it needs to survive the transition, meet unmet needs, help with benefits questions, finding resources and beyond.

One interesting fact is that the Glenwood Legion has many members that have already established a network of resources to help Veterans in their transition. We have members that work at Offutt AFB. We have members that are experts in human resources. We have members that work in local government. We have members that were born and raised in Glenwood and offer valuable inside information. Our members range from WWII to present day in their experience and knowledge. Our members either have resources, or know where those resources are to help members transitioning, not just from the military, but also finding a better life in our community.

Mar 19 GI Jobs MagazineG.I. Jobs is one resource on the internet that younger members subscribe to. There are interesting articles and additional resources provided. Sometimes G.I. Jobs seems like one big advertisement, but look beyond that. These companies and universities target our population for many reasons, but still provide value to our population. This article is just one example of many G.I. Jobs provides. G.I. Jobs main page for transitioning service members is here, but this is also a good resource if you are thinking of a career change, increasing your education, or looking for more stable or profitable employment.

Sometimes Veterans Affairs (VA) gets a lot of bad press; however, the VA is actually one from-boots-to-suitsof the most transparent resources available to service members, veterans, and their families. The VA is the largest department in the US Government and can be very complicated. Again, we have members that use the VA in many ways and are familiar with the VA on the local, state-wide, and national levels. The VA also has transition resources and it is never too early or too late to investigate your benefits. Here is the VA’s transitioning homepage.

If you a familiar with the DOD TAPs, you probably know the VA also briefs on military bases during this mandatory training for separating members. However, these briefs are normally just overviews and many times contractors are hired to give these briefs. Contractors that may never been service members, or may have been service members before the DOD even had transition programs. However, our members have already been through these same classes and have already made this transition, which provides you with a very good resource.

Consider attending one of our meeting held the first Thursday of each month at Post 141 on the Glenwood square downtown. The Auxiliary has a free-will donation meal at 1800 and out meeting start at 1900. The Auxiliary meets on one side of the banquet hall and the Legion meets on the other side of the hall. Consider becoming a member of the world’s largest wartime veterans organization. Our membership provides testimony to Congress each year to push further legislation to help veterans. The larger our membership, the bigger our voice on capitol hill.


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