Harvey T. Rimel Post 141 Past Commanders, First 100 Years

1919  Ewart C. Howe 1920  Carl H. Cook 1921 Dr. L. A. Hollingshead 1922 Dave N. Barnett 1923 Bryan N. Maxwell 1924 B. A. Matthews 1925 Ralph D. Linville 1926 James M. Anderson 1927 Merritt B. Mendenhall 1928 Harry M. Norman 1929 C. C. Lipsett 1930 Clarence B. Day 1931 Ronald R. Kier 1932 Waldo … Continue reading Harvey T. Rimel Post 141 Past Commanders, First 100 Years

Iowa Boys State 2019 Held June 9-14

The American Legion of Iowa Boys State is a week-long, hands-on experience in the operation of the democratic form of government, the organization of political parties, and the relationship of one to the other in shaping Iowa government. Through the Boys State objective of learning by doing, young men will learn about city, county and … Continue reading Iowa Boys State 2019 Held June 9-14

American Valentine’s Through the Years

Valentine's Day has an extensive history of Roman myth, pagan holiday, sainthood, and literature. A rather short version of its extensive history can be found here. In America, Esther Howland is nicknamed the “Mother of the American Valentine” and credited with creating the first mass market printed Valentines in the United States. Esther's father owned the largest … Continue reading American Valentine’s Through the Years FREE Tool for Legionnaires

Today at the Iowa Department Mid-Winter Conference, Department has provided excellent training on provides membership information, reports and electronic membership tools such as data change forms for department and post leadership. is a FREE website designed to connect members of The American Legion to their Post and Department leadership, myLegion includes a site … Continue reading FREE Tool for Legionnaires