Facility Needs

Feel free to contact the Post Facility and Lounge Coordinator, Amy Muse, by phone at (712) 308-3442 or text )785) 341-8672 or by email at amymuse@me.com for facility rental information and services.

The rental fees are firm at $25 per hour or $295 per day, plus $150 check for cleaning/damage deposit.

The only exception is the conduct of official voting, official Legion Family business, and Mills County Veterans Affairs activities that can be scheduled free of charge for informational and county wide Veteran activities with $150 check for cleaning/damage deposit.

Membership and Post Needs

Feel free to contact the Post Adjutant, Brian Ring, by phone at (402) 670-2168, or by email at brianring.legion@outlook.com for personal needs, membership needs and questions.

Feel free to contact the Post Commander, Jared Muse, at (785) 341-8568, Email at jaredmuse76@gmail.com or First Vice Commander, Amy Muse, at (785) 341-8672, Email amymuse@me.com for any questions or membership information.

Events and Suggestions

Feel free to contact the First Vice Commander Amy Muse, at 712-308-3442 or text (785) 341-8672, or email at amymuse@me.com for questions on events, rental, website and Facebook suggestions, and help finding local Veterans resources by filling out the form below!

Fill out the form below and a Legionnaire will get back to you as soon as possible.