Chaplain W. E. Robb Visits Glenwood for Membership Drive

From The Glenwood Opinion, Thursday October 16, 1919, Local Post of American Legion Is Growing-Will Make Membership Drive Saturday-Ex-service Men Should Join

“Chaplain W. E. Robb of the One-Hundred and Sixty Eighth Iowa Infantry will speak at the Baptist church next Wednesday evening, October 22, on the subject, “The Price of Our Heritage.” Chaplain Robb comes to Glenwood under the auspices of the local post of the American Legion, bringing a message to the people of this community relative to the late war. His address is illustrated with something like three hundred lantern slides-pictures taken along the front line trenches and on the battle fields of France.

The local post of the American Legion found that it would be possible to secure Chaplain Robb, who speaks in Council Bluffs on Tuesday night, for a catch engagement her this evening.

Chaplain Robb is no stranger to the boys of Company I, who served in his regimen during their months of overseas service.

It is a rare opportunity that is afforded the people of Glenwood and the vicinity to hear Chaplain Robb and the local post of American Legion is to be congratulated on their success in securing him for an engagement in our city.

About forty were present at the meeting of the post Monday night, when it was decided to launch a special drive for members this coming Saturday. The national campaign for members for the American Legion is now on and all joining before November 14, the date of the National Convention, will have the honor of being charter members of the organization.

This is an opportunity which every man who saw service in the world war should avail himself of. The American Legion will undoubtedly be one of the strongest, most useful and powerful organization[s] in the United States during the next forty years. They will be a potent factor in settling many vital issues and any person qualified and eligible for charter membership and does not avail himself if his opportunity is turning a deaf ear to the knock of opportunity which is being sounded at the threshold of all men who saw service in the late war. It has been well said that “the American Legion will be to this generation what the G.A.R. has been in the past.”

Persons desiring membership cards can secure them of W. C. Rathke at the Mills County National Bank.”

Chaplain Winfred E. Robb authored The Price of Our Heritage, a book meant to preserve Western Iowa’s place in history during WWI.

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