Post 141 Temporary Charter and First Election

As we look back over the first 100 years of Harvey T. Rimel Post 141 in Glenwood Iowa, I would like to share some historical documentation from the Post, The Glenwood Opinion (now known as the Opinion Tribune), and various periodicals I was able to track down.

We know by documents at the Post that a temporary charter was issued to the newly formed American Legion Post in Glenwood, IA on 13 August, 1919 and we were the 141st post to be given a charter in Des Moines, IA. I am still looking for information on that trek to Des Moines, but have not run across anything of value yet. The following article was found at

From Mills County Tribune, Monday, September 1, 1919-Ewart Howe Selected as Temporary Commander-Will Secure a Permanent Charter.

“As per announcement, last Thursday afternoon, [which would have been August 28, 1919], a meeting was held to make a temporary organization of a Post of the American Legion in Glenwood. The temporary charter had been received [13 August, 1919] and the organization formed at this meeting which is to hold the good until a permanent charter is granted, will be known as Glenwood Post No. 141 of Iowa. At this meeting temporary officers were elected.

These are: Ewart Howe, Commander, Thos B. Lacey, Vice Commander, W. C. Rathke, Post Adjutant, Harry Widows, Financial Officer, C. H. Cook, Historian, Frank Logan, Chaplain.

The above officers will serve until the permanent charter is received. Delegates to the state convention, which will be held in Des Moines this week September 4 and 5 we’re also selected. The three-man to represent Glenwood Post are H. N. Baxter, Ewart Howe and W. C. Rathke. Following the meeting at Des Moines a campaign for members will be started. As before stated, all signing for membership previous to November 11 will have their names placed on the permanent charter.”

We know from Post Historian, B. L. Kent 1953-1954 that the local post of the American Legion, Department of Iowa, on Monday, November 10, 1919, adopted the name of Harvey T. Rimel, Post 141, with a permanent charter granted September 8, 1920 with a membership of 120. Harvey T. Rimel, was the first local servicemen killed overseas during World War I, and it is to his honor and memory that we name our Post. This, comrades of the American Legion, is the beginning of our local post organization.

Link to Harvey T. Rimel article.