Thank You Message from David Young


Honored to Serve Third District
First, let me thank you for your support and dedication throughout this election. While it wasn’t the outcome we hoped for, I greatly appreciate all the hard work so many of you put into this race. We still have work to do and I will keep fighting for you as I finish my term in Congress.

Don’t stop fighting for the ideals we hold dear: smaller government, lower taxes, less regulation, and adherence to the Constitution and more freedom to make the decisions best for you and your family.

I am truly grateful so many stepped up to help our campaign over the past few months and I hope you will stay engaged and make your voice heard to shape our country’s future.

I want to again thank each and every supporter for their hard work. Every phone call made, door knocked, e-mail sent, and dollar raised made sure we could spread our message.

It has been the honor of my life to serve my bosses – the people of Iowa’s Third District – as your Congressman.

Thanks again for your support, and God bless.
David Young Iowa District 3, U.S. House of Representatives


Originally published Opinion Tribune 11/14/2018