All-Veterans Dinner and Officer Elections

The American Legion hosted its annual All-Veterans Dinner (aka Turkey Dinner) and Officer Election on May 20, 2017. Social Hour began at 1700. The free will donation meal began at 1800. Congressman David Young and Representative David Sieck were present to talk with the Legionnaires. The Veterans greatly appreciated their attendance.

Change of Command

Outgoing Post Commander, Larry Jones, gave a very inspiring speech to mark the occasion and to remind the Legionnaires why we dedicate our time and energy to The American Legion’s mission. He reminded us of the sacrifices service members make every day for the greater good of our Nation and its principles. He encouraged us to celebrate our family and friends and not to forget their sacrifices and dedication.

All Veterans Dinner 2017 3Incoming Post Commander, Fred Gregg, was sworn in by Chaplain Barry Hiller and the 2017-2018 election was completed. Commander Gregg still has some decisions to make as to whom he will appoint to various offices. These appointments will be done June 1, 2017 at the regular monthly meeting. Fred reminds us that the Post has several positions that have not been filled and he would like to invite our membership to get involved. New members are joining every month and could use the mentorship, wisdom, and leadership from our seasoned Senior members.

Legionnaire Dick Davis honored and Post Commander Larry Jones presented Amy Muse with the Legionnaire of the Year award for her volunteerism to the Post this past year.


The Glenwood Legion encourages you to go to @glenwoodlegion on Facebook to see many more pictures and commentary from this event. #glenwoodlegion #davidyoung #davidsieck


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